Known Issues

Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher currently have the following known issues:

All issues are current as of 7/20/2015

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Resolved for Next Release
Resolved for Next Release
  • GoToPage in new window, first time shows scroll bars
  • Right Mouse Click also triggers Mouse Click
  • In Run mode, on Hide, Go To, Next Page kicks user back into Edit mode
  • SCORM exit function does not successfully complete from the OnBeforeUnload
  • Variables are not synched between page and web window page
  • If using the "page in title" option for a Web Window, Run mode causes the Title Explorer's focus to jump to the page identified in the web window
  • Text blocks with borders display at different size depending on browser
  • Rollover look on Image buttons renders incorrectly on IE8
  • Hyphens in text blocks with "Wrap Text" enabled can cause extra spaces
  • Images with transitions aren't honoring opacity setting
  • White text does not look opaque in buttons, text blocks and shapes
  • Initially Hidden audio that uses controller can not be made visible
  • Transitions on button/shape won't show when entering run/preview for the first time
  • All objects in IE9 display with 100% opacity
  • Transparent button with a transition initially shows up with an opacity of 100%
  • Certain flipped images on IE9 (native) show with black background when published
  • Print Current Page action will only print one page in Firefox
  • Hide action on a Web Window doesn't work on iPadMP3 synced event messages don't display properly in IE11
  • Send Email Action terminates Run mode and Preview mode, and causes message asking if an app can be opened
  • MP3 synced event messages don't display properly in IE11     
  • The pause action is not working for Timer progress bar
    • Workaround:
    • Use a Custom Progress Bar with the range set equal to the desired number of seconds (for example, 20 seconds).
    • Leave the deafult associated variable (e.g., ProgressBar_0001).
    • Create a user-defined variable called PlayProgress. Set the inital value of this variable equal to 0.
    • Attach an action to the page to On Timed Interval (1.0 seconds), Modify Variable for ProgressBar_0001 to Add 1, only if All Conditions are True: PlayProgess Equal to 1, and ProgressBar_0001 is Less Than the maximum time range (e.g., 20)
    • Attach a second action to the page to On Timed Interval (1.0 seconds), Set Progress Bar Position. (No Condition.)
    • Create a Pause button on the page. Set the action for the Pause button to On Mouse Click, Modify Variable, PlayProgress, Set Equal to 0.
    • Create a Play button on the page. Set the action for the Play button to On Mouse Click, Modify Variable, PlayProgress, Set Equal to 1.
  • Text that contains certain characters within it displays in the Question Creator, but will not display on the page in Edit mode or when published
  • Can't change fonts/font size/font color in eLB interaction builder
  • Cropped image name not being added to the manifest file; using non-cropped name
  • Copied sentences with apostrophes show as spelling errors
  • Some v11 button fonts are not converting to v12
  • Update help information text for eLB login assistance
  • Portuguese Audio does not function in run or preview mode
  • Unable to Import Flash Files on French Language
  • Alt tag showing in form elements
  • Enabling Custom Radio Buttons and Checkboxes through Preferences will override the Web Accessibility Settings, which should disable this feature
  • Adding a shadow to a button from the State dialog may cause a crash
  • When using Verdana and the "Wrap Text" setting, text blocks containing bullets have alignment and bullet size issues
  • In Edit mode, highlighted text looks like it is underlined
  • v9 Custom Image Buttons that use shapes as an image lose the bottom border in v12
  • Wrap Text does not wrap properly when the size of the object that the text is wrapping changes
  • Video "Loop" setting is not functioning properly
  • Videos will not play more than once
  • Table-of-Contents Progress Bar with test section scope always stays blank if any pages are excluded
  • In IE8 (native), some rotated buttons have a corner cut off
  • Flash transparency does not work in Run or Preview modes
  • Underline Doesn't Work On Listboxes in Run and Preview modes
  • Random Transition doesn't load the full RSS Feed
  • Multiple Choice question choice text is slightly misaligned in Preview and Publish modes